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Item Task Cost Software

This Item Task Software is also a management tool, it calculates for each job the material cost, your labour cost, your equipment cost, your waste factor, and most important your total hours it takes to complete the scope of work.

You have the option to modify for each job: To adjust your Productivity Rate percentage, Adjust labour cost, Adjust material cost, Adjust labour rates, Adjust equipment cost,

And finally: it calculates tax amount on materials purchased for this project
There is a space for allowing for general requirements
There is a space for allowing your overhead
There is a space for allowing your profit margins
And finally there is a space for federal taxes
It will show a subtotal
It will show a grand total
And last feature
It shows a brake down of cost per SQ Foot of floor area of the job project
It also shows a brake down of cost per linear Foot

For you what this means: if you keep track of material cost by invoice from your supplier, and the amount of hours you have spent on this work project you will know or you making money or losing money.
Also each task what needs to be done is guided by a time factor for you to control

If you start using this tool, you have decided to become a better manager

Note: The subtitle descriptions of each job project can be used as a scope of work what needs to be done to completed this job project

The numbering within follows the Master Format 17 Divisions system

Within those Divisions all sub-trades have their assigned designated sections

Specifications the written instructions for each Division and sections are guided by the same numbers

This Software is intended to serve all sub-trades and small General Contractors

All sub-trades are specialized in their own field of expertise more or less.

In most small to medium companies the owners are the estimator,

Note: All Item Task content within must be adapted to your local cost level before using.

Don’t be afraid: Start practicing makes almost perfect.

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