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Manuals available for Sub-Trades

The principle of a Manual is to provide a Hardcopy of Item Task cost shown line by line vertical.

All item tasks listed are shown at cost: Meaning if you charge the amount shown, at a price for

$ 25.00 per hour for labour, you will break even, no profit for yourself or the company

If you have not used a costing Manual before, it will take you a little time to get used to, or comprehend like digesting each Item Task what needs to be done. Note: Each Task has a unit measure attached, like (sq ft) or (each) or (linear ft) or other measures.

Each Item Task costing line, has the following features

  1. A number to identify by
  2. A Description: what needs to be done?
  3. A Material cost, expressed in unit measures
  4. A Labour cost, expressed in unit measures
  5. A Equipment cost, expressed in unit measures
  6. A Productivity rate per hour by number, meaning what can you produce or complete in one hour
  7. A Waste factor by percentage number of material cost
  8. A Combined price for all of the above

Most sub-trades contractors carry all that information under there cap so to speak
Almost all have a price for every ting, except don’t know how long it take to complete each task.

If you purchase this manual, and spent the time to comprehend each Item Task I have listed. It is meant to be in the order of work in progress. Like does this do that type of scenario?

For you to be efficient, you must keep track and record each item task

Use this manual to your own advantage.

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