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List of Free Samples

Sample Projects at www.realcost.ca

  1. Samples Projects access does not require a membership account, All samples listed are intended to show prospective client to look at this sample in a critical way and by doing so the client shall form his or her opinion by them self without interference of others, and hereby can make up on their own mind or they would like Estimates by Take-Off-Sheet via www.realcost.ca to become a member or not a member: If someone becomes a member, all assemblies and items within their sub trade category shall become available to the new client as part of the membership account. At that moment in time the new client can manipulate his own pricing at will for all available setup features. At this time in the process the new client can make up his own item tasks and assembly if he so wishes. The new client shall be working in his own space provided. No other client will be having access to the same space in the data base
  2. The second option at his disposal is for him to ask the administrator to make up new required assemblies for him. There will be a cost attached for each assembly to be made ready for him to use. Any person coming to this website can access the samples made up in the data base at will. The only way to access is to register first as a look client. A price is attached for each sample

Note: Each sample project has a minimum cost attached by way of an donation amount, there will be three amount to select from, make 3 boxes to include amounts warranted in US funds.

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