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The principle of an estimate is to provide a bill of quantities to a prospective client arrived at by the instructions of client.

(Quantities, quality and size reflects in the price)

The client must be given instruction to provide written content for each sub-trade involved in their contemplated work scope of work.

It has been my experience: When I was a general contractor in the late 60th and early 70th Visiting clients when called upon

The conversation usually took place at the kitchen table in presents of husband and wife. I recall a typical conversation:

Husband said we like to add an addition to the back of our house.

Wife said the addition should include a large utility room with closets to store all laundry

Husband said we need an extra washroom with a toilet and a sink

Wife said I wish to add also a shower stall to the new bathroom

And the rest of the space a family room where the TV will be located.

At that point I entered in to the conversation, are you sure you have not forgotten anything where both of you can agree on.

Husband would say I did not know you wanted a utility room Joan with a shower stall.

All type of questions and answer where exchanged in a matter of minutes. I did have to bud in before the fur would fly

To ending the conversation with let’s put it all on paper so that both of you can digest and compromise a final plan.

I will make a concept blueprint plan for you to look at and have the opportunity to make any changes you wish.

Would you like me to do that? If you agree I will be back next week to show you a blue print plan what I think

To include all what you have told me until now.

In the mean time I would like you to do some research on the following topic if you don’t mind.

I would write down from a list a keep in my back pocket mind and presented this list to them.

  1. Do you people have the money in place to pay for this venture?
  2. Select a product what the outside of the addition shall look like
  3. Select type of interior doors including closet doors and shelving within
  4. Select type of roof pitch and shingle type including color
  5. Select exterior door style, single double swing or sliding
  6. Select window style and quality, single glass double or triple, venting to open out or in
  7. Select overhang and gutters type
  8. Select type of plumbing fixtures and taps at sinks and shower stall, size of new watertank
  9. Select ceiling style flat or vaulted or both
  10. Select skylight and location
  11. Select floor covering type, product line and price range
  12. Select type of heating
  13. Select where you like electrical outlets and switches located
  14. Select where intercom panel should be located
  15. Select if security is warranted
  16. Select type of paint for each room including color or vinyl wallpaper
  17. Select level of floor is it the same as existing or stepped up or stepped down
  18. Do you a full basement under addition
  19. Do you need a crawl space under addition?
  20. Will addition be on a slab on grade?
  21. At exterior do you need side walks?
  22. At exterior do you need an elevated sundeck or a concrete slab?
  23. Do you require a fire place if yes select a type and where would it be located in the family room
  24. Please find your original plot plan of this property I need a copy of this to be submitted to building department plot plan will be part of blueprints what shall show required set back from neighbors property and rear lot line.

Do you know of any buried oil tanks or septic tank on your property or location of water well?

This list gives you an opportunity to discuss and investigate alternate options

You both have to asses and agree in principle a lot, before I come back next week, with a preliminary concept layout plan

I need most of this information to come up with a more detailed blueprint for you to approve to make the final construction plans for submission to local building department for obtaining a building permit. I will contact building department, to find out location of sewer intake level, storm drain, water main, etc.

Note: There could be more questions I like to ask from you, although this is enough to get you started.

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