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Realcost Quantity Surveying Inc. Victoria, BC Canada.

:WWW.REALCOST.CA Assemblies: (Unit Cost) are the core costing system of the construction industry. Although the realcost of assembling is seldom talked about it is a secrete process. Each company has their own way on how to establish those through cost by accounting process.

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Our assembly manager is a comprehended method of establishing an outcome for all intended: To start with it is based on a scope of work in place. Each and all Item Tasks are included what makes up the assembly by way of all materials required, all labour required, all equipment required, all calculated waste for each task is also part of this final outcome. What we have incorporated as well is the unit measure we have attached to each. Meaning cost shall be shown in sq ft unit cost measure cost based on the assembly total area, and a linear ft. cost unit measure. What we not included is you overhead profit margin and applicable taxes. We have separated all those identities for you to enter that yourself. Reason for not shown are: each company has their way to establishing those applicable cost at will. The features we have built in to our system are as follows point by point as stated.

  1. Capability to change overall Productivity rate by %
  2. Adjust your material cost by a sum amount
  3. Adjust your equipment cost by sum amount
  4. Adjust your labour rate per hour by entering your own privilege amount; the system calculates all hours within each assembly.
  5. Applicable taxes are based on Provincial % amount. Federal applicable taxes are based on % amount. Amounts are shown separately.
  6. Each assembly calculates total hours in minutes and hours
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