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About Free Samples

Free samples listed on this website are intended to give prospective clients an overview of what to expect when purchasing samples listed.

Before purchasing a sample project, clients can look at the scope of work shown first. Second they can look at description item tasks within the listed project. They cannot look at the dollar totals before purchase.

If the project is what they are looking for: They can purchase the listed sample.

The sample shall include the following,
  1. All item tasks listed in this sample.
  2. All material costs associated for each item task, including waste factor.
  3. All labor costs associated for each item task.
  4. All equipment item costs for each task.
  5. All the time that is required to put in place each item, and all tasks combined.
  6. Total cost shown per square foot in place
  7. Total cost shown per linear foot in place.
  8. Total amount shown for PST in materials.
  9. Separate amounts for Overhead applicable.
  10. Separate amount shown for Profit margin applicable
  11. All quantities of material required.

The prospective client whom is purchasing any sample listed on this website, shall become a more knowledgeable consumer for their own benefit, and will have a better overview of the process at hand.

Our aim is to inform and to make aware the due process in this industry at large. I know it will be a big task in itself and all that I can hope for is that it shall help some but not all.

After all, clients most of the time know better any way, and in most cases that will be thorough.

I wish to stress, the more detailed your process is laid out the better the end product will be.