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About Free Estimates

The intent to provide a free estimate is only intended to provide the concept of estimating and of what to expect by being shown the lay out of detailed information provided.

The principle of an estimate is to provide a bill of quantities to a prospective client arrived at by the instruction of the given client.

Where the problem occurs is when the client reveals altered information to the second or third person who is providing an estimate.

Our concept for small projects in particular is designed to help this clientele base to overcome the pitfalls that may occur.

Sample: of conversation between contractor and prospective client.
Client instructs the contractor to install: 1.) new baseboards.

Contractor answers, yes I will no problem, consider it done.
What is wrong with this statement?
  • It does not provide a defined location.
  • It does not provide the size of the product.
  • It does not provide the shape of the product.
  • It does not provide the species of product.
  • It does not provide the end finished statement.
  • Who will be doing the selecting of product to receive?

As you can see we are only talking about one item task to be completed.

From the contractor's point of view, he wishes to provide the client with a price of work to be done at his terms.

Note: In the near future this website shall be providing a generic list of specifications for each major sub-trade.